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Being focused and clear on where you are going with your business will put you in control and ultimately ensure you are more successful. But how to take control is one of the biggest issues leaders face. Where to start and even how to start making positive changes to your business can be a real challenge. Successful directors are change makers it become more successful is never easy. Moreover, the order you do all those elements, makes a real bottom-line difference to your business success. That’s why leaders find mentors who support them achieve their goals. Richard Gourlay director mentors builds on over thirty years experience in director mentoring. 

About Richard Gourlay Director Mentor

Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners. Working with micro-businesses through to international PLC’s and I’ve identified that there are some key factors that very successful owners do which ensure their success. While other business owners struggle to keep their heads above water. What I’ve learnt is that there are simple and logical steps that successful people undertake. These steps which make that ‘something different’ in what they do, delivers real results in taking the guess work out of their business success.

I’ve spent years refining those key steps into a programmes of business mentoring support for senior people. My mentoring programmes create support and bite-size action that develop people in their role. My director mentoring programmes support people to develop their personal and professional skills.  Sessions support people identifying their core strengths and areas to work on, and then develops a bespoke plan of what they need to do differently to be even more successful in their role.

My Director mentoring programme

How to take the guess work out our business success. Each step is small and measured, typically spread over a monthly. People are held to account to make the change they want to see and or bespoke programmes enable business owners to work ON their business effectively rather than just spending more time IN their business.

Below are some of the key things to consider in taking the guess work out of your business success:-

1. Mentoring: Know What to Work ON

Knowing what you need to focus on makes a huge difference in where to invest your energy and resources. I’m a huge fan of the leadership culture of working ON it not IN it. If you are not working ON your business then how is it going to improve and how are you going to improve?  How will you or your business be ready and able to face tomorrow’s challenges without making change happen?  But you need to know what is important to work on within your business, and why!   That’s where mentoring supports you grown and develop as a leader.

2. Directors: Why you are working ON your business

The only certainty in business is Change. Today that has never been truer, the pace of change in every market has, and is, and will change at an ever faster rate. Changing market conditions, to customer demands, through to employee expectations, have all created additional and sudden pressures on leaders to respond to accelerated changes within the business environment.

How should you respond to those changes?  Fast enough and effectively enough to take full advantage of those changes, without loosing site of where you are going and why. If making change is a challenge or if you have ever wondered how to make positive changes then my mentoring programmes will enable you to understand why and how to make change happen. Working on your business is the most valuable actively any leader can undertake and  puts you in the driving seat of your business.

3. Director Mentoring: Where to Grow

Every business owner wants to grow turnover, profitability or customer base, but how is the important question. Where is tomorrow’s growth coming from and how can you access it effectively and efficiently? This step-by-step mentoring programme will show you where growth is going to come from and how you can effectively access it.

What is good profitable growth rather than just growth. An important distinction which leaders need to recognise that all growth is not good.

4. How to Make Change Happen

Doing what we’ve always done is the natural default behaviour that people fall back into despite best intentions. Change does not happen unless you make change happen. Mentoring, working with an external advisor is an effective way to develop yourself offline from your existing line management structure. Being able to discuss personal skills development with an external mentor allows people a “safe space” to bounce ideas around, share frustrations and concerns enables people to think through making change happen.  

Change is always easy to talk about, but harder to actually deliver. Change is always necessary to achieve success. This step-by-step programme enables you to create the right changes, which deliver the right results for success. Every step involves a single simple activity which is supported by a template in a workbook to create your success.


5. Director mentoring Reduce the Risks

Taking your business from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow is essential to keep your business competitive and successful, but change involves taking risk. This proven director mentoring programme reduces that risk by evaluating and balancing the risk factors effectively. Each step is focused around making sensible pro-active decisions which have been tried and tested.   

Being mentored by an experienced independent director allows you to talk through ideas and thoughts with a neutral advisor who provides a sounding board for director decision making and will challenge your assumptions prior to you making a decision. This reduces risk and allows a director to talk through scenarios and likely consequences enabling risk reduction and mitigation to be put in place, providing confidence and certainty in decision-making. 

Richard Gourlay is an approved MentorsMe mentor, click link to see Richard Gourlay MentorsMe 


6. Director Mentoring Effective Way to Grow 

Taking the risk out of your business success is all about taking small, simple but highly effective steps which move your business where you want it to go. I have designed personalised mentoring programmes to fit every type of person and business by size and sector and at every stage of its development.

Short bite size learning, in a mentoring format explains with clear models (including all the templates) all you need to achieve your success. Supporting your personalised mentoring programme are emails to help support you undertake each step and keep you on track. 

So if you want to take the guesswork out of your business success? Then this effective mentoring programme is specifically designed for business owners from start-ups to established businesses owners to take the guess work out of your business success.  Our mentoring programmes are a combination of online and face-2-face, depending upon your needs and location.

So get started today, make the first step and contact Richard Gourlay today to start your mentoring journey, just fill in the form below. 

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By Richard Gourlay

Richard Gourlay, experienced management consultant, leadership development and strategic advisor, director and NED to high growth companies. Author of book:- Strategy: The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay builds the skills which makes leaders successful in their business. #dumfries #galloway #scotland, #mentor, #castledouglas, #leadershipskills, #NED, #Director.