Vision, Mission, Values at the core of business by Richard Gourlay Strategic Planning Workshop course to develop better leadership.

Business Strategy


A Business Strategy is a company’s top-level plan for setting specific business objectives. A Strategic Planning Workshop is the process by which business leaders define their business strategy. Strategy is how the business will succeed in creating business growth,  a strong sustainable competitive position, and strong financial performance. 


Strategic planning starts with creating a business vision. By defining the aspirations for the business by the leadership team. The strategy sets and prioritises the key objectives of how the business will successfully compete. A successful strategy clearly optimises its financial performance with its business model.


Objective Setting


Selecting appropriate objectives is the heart of the strategy. It is a complete approach which describes succinctly and concretely, how the business  will meet these objectives.  As a result, the business strategy explains in practical terms how the organisation differentiates itself from competitors, how it earns revenues, and where it earns margins.


Successful strategies reflect the organisation’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. They respect the company’s competitors and position the company within its market. A business strategy is delivered by a business plan. But the business plan is only as good as the strategy it is built upon. Successful companies review and revise their strategy at least once a year. 


Strategic Planning Workshop



In business, setting the strategy begins with the leadership team recognising the need of their business to compete successfully within their chosen market.  Creating, defining and redefining a strategic plan is a core responsibility of a leadership team.  Revising and reformulating strategy Is all about setting clear business objectives.  This process is most successfully achieved through a Strategic Planning Workshop.


Our Strategic Planning Workshop provides a facilitated workshop for leaders to step out of their day role and define and redefine their strategy.  A Strategic Planning Workshop takes the leadership team through the process of developing their business strategy through to creating a clear implementation plan.


It will answer three vital questions: – 


  • Where do you want to go with your business?
  • How are you going to do it?
  • Who is going to do what, when and where and to achieve what?


To learn more about the Strategic Planning process see our slideshow click here


Benefits of Strategic Planning Workshop


Businesses which don’t plan are often seen as Myopic: losing sight of their customers, focusing on costs and running out of direction and customers.


People choose to work with Richard Gourlay to develop their strategy because of his experience and expertise in creating successful and sustainable businesses. Richard provides a wide range of strategic planning tools, from review and revision of strategy through to new strategy creation.


Our most popular strategic planning tools are our bespoke strategic planning workshop (SPW) formats or facilitator format Strategic MOST Planning programmes working with directors and senior management to create their plan for success.


Strategic Planning Workshop SPW


Strategic Planning Workshop for new busienss creates success for business owners by Richard Gourlay

Strategic Planning Workshop provides business owners with Focus x Direction = Profitability, empowering you to success.


By establish Where you are? What are your goals?  Where are you going? How you are going to get there and Who is going to do what When?


Our strategic planning is a proven process in establishing clear strategic direction delivering your plan to success.


Designed around a 16 module programme we build the right bespoke strategic planning workshop for your business. Our proven SPW programme is built totally around meeting your business goals and objectives.


Find out more about business strategy and to discuss your business strategy needs – click here: Strategy@cowden


Strategic Planning Workshop For An Established Business 


A Strategic Planning Workshop is a proven way to develop your strategic plan for your business. A strategic planning workshop creates a clear direction and focus for your leadership team and whole company pulling them together with a clear plan to implement your strategy.


Our 5 step process reviews where you are, defines where you are going and delivers your plan to achieve it.


  • Firstly, build a clear the vision for the business.
  • Secondly, focus on the mission critical objectives.
  • Thirdly, plan the attack: Choose the optimum battlefield to attack your market. 
  • Fourthly: take a reality check: Does the business model stand?
  • Fifthly, build a support structure: The strategic framework with a detailed plan to make it happen.


Like to know more about how our Strategic Planning Workshop can drive your business forward? Then contact me here Strategic Planning Workshop @ Cowden


Strategic Planning Workshop For A New Start-up business


We have worked with many new start-ups, and early stage businesses, bringing them successfully to market. Our New Business Strategic Planning Workshop supports leaders and leadership teams take good ideas and turn them into successful businesses. Reducing risk, maximising opportunities.   


Like to know more about how we support business start-ups, then contact us now: New Business Strategic Planning Workshop @ Cowden


Strategic Planning Workshop get your strategic framework right by Richard Gourlay


Strategic Planning Framework


Strategic planning is a rare activity for leaders of small businesses. Most leadership teams spend too much time working IN their business, not ON their business. They get stuck into what is going on, not where they are going or WHY.  Few leadership teams spend enough time effectively defining their strategy. They are prepared to struggle on rather than review where they are going.


Our Strategic Planning Workshop provides both the opportunity to look up from the day-to-day and see where they are going and WHY.  It also assesses the resources the leadership team will  need to deliver the objectives they set within their forward plan for the business. 


The Strategic Planning Framework includes key activities in assessing and revising the value proposition which the brand delivers, including: –  


  • Where the business is now and why. Reviewing performance via benchmarking and expectations.


  • Set specific business objectives for each strategy. Identifying which goals in the framework have priority over others.


  • Mapping relationships between the various strategies. Pulling them together, ensuring they support each other to leverage effective resource utilisation.


The strategic framework is a clear structure of looking at the value created within a business. It also identifies where improvements can be made with the business by identifying the available resources and capabilities. To learn how contact Richard Gourlay here Strategy@Cowden

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