Richard Gourlay management consultant, NED and interim director and advisor to business leader


How Richard Gourlay supports Businesses and Business Leaders to Grow and Develop.

Our Management Consultancy services provides resources and expertise to enable companies to grow and develop.  Our consultancy delivers extra resources quickly developing projects, improving processes, expanding operations to business. We support developing new solutions to grow your business, developing business success.  Flexible and agile, we provide the ability to research new markets, new products and services and pilot new ideas to grow and develop your business.

Strategic Planning Workshop programmes enable business leaders and to stop, think and plan their next steps in the business. A Our Strategic Planning Workshop provides a business review and support ladders forward plan, so they can determine where to take their business next, how to grow in the right direction, with focus and a clear plan to succeed. Our SPW enables leaders to work ON their business rather than IN their business. 

We work with existing and new leadership teams to develop their skills to lead their people to success. We develop bespoke leadership development courses enabling leaders to understand how to get more out their people and themselves as leaders. We develop skills with leadership teams to enable business success. We develop both personal and professional leadership skills, putting leaders in the driving seat of their life and business. 

Our director mentoring and training programmes develop people to achieve their director goals. We develop bespoke director programmes of support which develop strategy and cultures which improve business performance, suitable to their precise needs, supporting directors to make it happen. Neutral and impartial, our mentoring programmes support and challenge leaders to grow and develop a people and as leaders.

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Richard Gourlay

Richard Gourlay Enables Business Leaders to Lead with a Clear VISION and a PLAN to SUCCEED Within their MARKET.

Richard Gourlay has over 20 years experience as a management consultant who works with business leaders enabling them to lead their organisations more effectively.


With products and services to support business growth including Strategic Planning Workshop (SPW) that enable owners to work ON their business rather than just IN it.

Providing support and advice to leaders enabling them to set their direction, focus with a plan to turn their aspirations into reality Richard enables leaders to focus and succeed within their market.


Richard enables leaders and leadership teams to work on their business so they can lead their people better.


Richard develops solutions around strategic marketing enabling businesses to develop new routes to market, strategic relationship and partnership including Joint Ventures (JV’s) to enable companies to outperform within their markets.


Developing successful sales skills and capabilities is an important element in improving business performance, contact me to learn more.


My aim is to develop business success for business owners.

Management Consultancy

Bespoke management consultant projects specifically designed to enable companies to grow and develop successfully.

Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop enables leadership teams to work ON their business rather than IN their business.

Leadership Development Programmes

Developing leaders and leaderships teams ability to lead more effectively.

Leadership Mentoring

Leadership mentoring supports leaders grow and develop their skills through bespoke structured support.


Richard has a massive depth of knowledge and experience coupled with genuine enthusiasm for business that ensures my recommendation. He has a unique ability to be able to cover a lot of content but make it interesting and memorable. A genuinely lovely person with a fantastic attitude which makes working with Richard an absolute pleasure. His experience and expertise in his own industries are instantly mappable to many others. If you want a rejuvenated leadership strategy for your business to help you find the way forward I would not hesitate to recommend Richard’s services. Invaluable”.

Sam Smith TFS Smith

Sam Smith 

“Richard provided Kerf Design with sales and marketing training.

He helped to create a general awareness of the sort of activities we should be doing and gave us some great ideas that we are currently implementing. I would totally recommend

Richard to any business looking to improve their sales and marketing activities to see real results.”

Euan Lockwood Kerf Design MD


Euan Lockwood



“I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Gourlay during the past six months. Richard has transformed the strategic thinking and business focus at a senior level within our sales organisation whilst leading us through the change to working within vertical markets.

Richard is extremely credible and manages to relate his knowledge well to the business in hand and demonstrates how we can gain commercial advantage at all times. I have also found Richard going beyond the SLA at times whilst helping individuals get up to speed with the rest of the group which has been much appreciated.

I wholeheartedly recommend Richard Gourlay as a strategic business partner who more than pays for himself! Should you require further testament please do not hesitate to contact me directly.”

Peter Waycot Office Depot

Peter Waycott

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Richard Gourlay management consultant NED and interim director and advisor to business leaders