Strategy book: The Leader’s Role by Richard Gourlay

Strategy The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay

Strategy The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay, how to build your business strategy in 12 simple steps, with a step0by-step guide.

Strategy: The Leader’s Role by Richard Gourlay 

Strategy: The Leader’s Role, defines the real role(s) a leader has to become good at to be successful in business today.  The leadership team, the people who build and drive an organisation, set the strategy and culture of an organisation, they are responsible for the future direction of the business and ultimately successful. The leadership’s core responsibility is for defining where the organisation is going (and why) in an ever-changing world.

Developing Leadership Skills

Successful leaders work ON their business not IN it!  This book on business strategy explains why leadership teams must focus on working on your business for its success.  Strategy: The Leader’s Role also shows you how to lead your people effectively as a leader. The book takes leaders through every step of the process in how to develop your clear unique and sustainable strategy using an effective step-by-step guide, which takes leaders through every step of the role of leading,  enabling leader’s to develop your bespoke strategic direction as a business leader.

Key chapters cover how to research your market, how to learn what are the key drivers of your market, both from the macro (global market) through to micro assessments  of your key competitors, and how to use that information to shape your business strategy.  

Building a business strategy is more than just having a good idea, it is a thorough analysis of the real opportunity for any business idea. It requires clinical and critical assessment of a market, with today and about its future. How to access that market and where you can and will successfully compete within any market. In Strategy: the Leader’s Role you will learn how to build that clear robust and defined strategy, suitable for your business.

Real and effective examples in every chapter explain how to understand a market and how to position a business within that sector.  Case studies show how other companies have developed their market position to develop their business position.

Learning how to work on your business, not being dragged into it, this is the biggest challenge leader’s face in successfully leading their business. This book demonstrates how leaders can engage without being sucked into the operational activities of the business.

Strategy: The Leader’s Role, Key Skills

Leaders learn the core skills in how to work ON your business not IN it. The challenge for leaders of any organization is how to be effective when working ON their business rather than being seen to be busy working IN the business.

When working on your business this book explains what to look for and how to learn to think strategically. Many leaders deal with the urgent not the important, they are the leaders who are too busy putting out fires rather than learning how to stop fires starting.  In Strategy: The Leader’s Role business leaders learn the step-by-step techniques which successful leaders use to understand the future market place within which their organisation must compete.


In Strategy: The Leader’s Role, learn how to:-

1. Take control of your business and its direction, providing you with your clear direction to take and where to focus your efforts to maximise your success.

2. Build your strategy step-by-step using effective tools, which built your unique value proposition as a business and take control of where you are going with your business.

3. Develop your leadership skills on how to lead your organisation to where you want to take it within your market following these simple and proven steps to success, building them step-by-step.

With 21 chapters, Strategy: The Leader’s Role, provides the complete toolkit for leader’s of any business to build their own business strategy for their business.  Knowing what step to do at each step in building your business is what makes this book an essential toolkit for any leader.

Inside this book are all the key techniques which successful leaders use to drive their business forward. The book is full of tools and techniques which provide leaders with the certainty they need to plan their business. Each step provides leadership teams with the confidence to lead their organisation forward with the knowledge and understanding of their market.

By identifying opportunities and learning how to take advantage of them, leadership teams can develop their  business strategy successfully.  Strategy: The Leader’s Role enables leadership teams to achieve where they want to be in that market and how they intend to successfully compete within it.

Strategy The Leader's Role by Richard Gourlay

Richard Gourlay shares his knowledge of how he enables leaders to succeed within their market. With over 20 years experience in working with leaders across a whole range of sectors he has a wealth of experiences in seeing what goes wrong and more importantly how to fix it before it makes a lasting impact upon the business. Richard’s experience supports leader’s to focus on what they want to achieve, and showing them how to do it in simple clear and effective steps in this book, which enables them to lead their business to success.

This book builds with you a complete strategic picture of your market and how you want to succeed within it. This book is an essential guide to any new and aspiring leader to read and use in their daily role of running their business successfully.

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