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Consultancy Services

Consultancy by Richard Gourlay

Consultancy Services

Richard provides advice and support to business leaders and business owners enabling them to lead their business more effectively.  With over 30 years of business experience providing advice to leaders across a range of high growth businesses over multiple sectors. Richard provides a safe sounding board to discuss ideas and to think through important decisions they are contemplating.

As a neutral 3rd party Richard provides an extra pair of hands at the help for many businesses, undertaking projects as diverse as researching new markets, through to re-inventing existing business models.

Richard’s consultancy work can be broken down into the following key area:-

Consultancy Projects

With over 30 years experience in business Richard takes on projects for companies in researching markets and developing new products and services. Many companies want an extra pair of eyes end ears to grow their business with the flexibility and agility to get to the bottom-line quickly. Brining is an experienced business consultant gives a business the ability to research emerging sectors, identify market opportunities and develop pilot solutions which open up that market for a company.

Consultancy projects enable a company to quickly and cost-effectively identify, assess, pilot and then model their business against new opportunities. The key advantages of using an external experienced consultant are that existing operations are not utilised or depleted. Outsourcing projects to an experienced 3rd party also facilities flexibility, increasing scope of the business.

Interim Director and Non Executive Director (NED)

Richard acts as a non-executive director (NED) and interim director, supporting businesses through interim or long-term management consultancy programmes tailored around customer needs. His work is focused around high growth businesses, in market sectors where challenges require innovative strategic thinking.

As an interim director Richard provides leaders teams with a highly experienced strategic leader, often operating as an interim commercial director. His ability to focus on strategic leadership, creating a market focus for growth and change within an organisation enables them to grow and develop intone with growth opportunities with existing and emerging new markets.

As a Non Executive Director Richard’s external independent advice focus’s high growth companies on their strategic goals and supports them keeping them on track to their goals. His external advice and a different perspective provides business leaders with an experienced NED who can add real value to the executive directors.

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Non-Executive Director Role

The role of being a Non-Executive Director (NED) can be a formal or informal role working with business owners and directors. Acting as extra pair of eyes and ears to discuss ideas, advise on the forward strategy and deliver the resources the company needs to enter new markets. Working over the long-term allows us to become embedded within the organisation and able to support at the senior level decision making and the shaping of the business over an extended period of time.

  • A non-executive director is a member of a company’s board of directors who is not part of the executive team.
  • A non-executive director typically does not engage in the day-to-day management of the organization but is involved in policymaking and planning exercises.
  • A non-executive directors’ responsibilities include the monitoring of the executive directors and acting in the interest of the company stakeholders.

Richard Gourlay often acts as a Non_executive Director (NED) advising directors and leaders on business direction, #strategy and #leadership in #Sheffield, #Chesterfield, #Derbyshire and #SÇR, £D2N2

Acting as a Non Executive Director we can provide the expertise you need.

Management consultancy

Management consultancy provides business owners resources and expertise which enables their business to grow and develop. Our management consultancy services provide businesses with the resources that enable them to do more, quicker and more effectively than traditional approaches to employing new staff. Accelerating business growth, from idea validation, to researching new ideas and project design and delivery management consultancy services enable dynamic business growth.

Delivering growth as a management consultant by Richard Gourlay

Management Consultancy can enable your business to Grow

With over 30 years in business and a background in business development from research to delivery we aim to improve the direction and effectiveness of their business strategy. Projects can range from organisational performance and operational processes through to market research and development. Management consulting covers great diversity in disciplines, but starts with good project management scoping and the ability to hit the road running as an experienced management consultant.

Our typical management consultancy programmes break into three service areas.

Management consultancy by Richard Gourlay in Dumfries & Galloway

  1. Strategy Consulting: the specialisation that focusses on strategic and board room advise. Where to be playing in which market, including:-
    • Strategic Direction Setting: where is the market going and how to benefit from that direction.
    • Business Planning: developing a robust business plan that enables a business to succeed.
    • PESTLE analysis: Understand the macro drivers of a market.
    • 5 Forces: Understand the micro drivers of a market, who’s is doing what and why.
    • Competency Assessment: where are you and what does that mean in terms fo opportunity
    • Culture: how to create and sustain the right culture for your organisation.
    • Market research: Identifying and validating opportunities to enable market entry or penetration.

McKinsey7-S-Model to assess a company structure

2. Operational Consulting: which focusses on improving the management and operations of organisations, including:

  • Process Development: Revising and reviewing existing processes too modernise and ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Marketing & Sales Processes: Redefine how to find, engage and convert target audiences into lifetime customers.
  • Efficiency Improvement in processes and operations: remove wastage and inefficiency to add value at every step.

Leadership Development

3. People Development: focused around human capital consulting services aimed at improving the results of the HR function.

  • Leadership: create and develop the leadership within your organisation.
  • Succession Planning: Developing the next leaders within your organisation.
  • Management Development: developing competencies within the managers to deliver results.
  • Mentoring: supporting senior people in their roles to develop and deliver their full potential.
  • Change Management: How to create and manage change throughout an organisation.

What does a management consultant do for you?
Management consultancy provide senior decision makers advise on business strategy and organisational matters. We provide services which include developing a new strategic plan to enable the business to find new areas of growth. Often commissioned to advise on innovation or unique projects, we identify the scope and full remit in understanding the customer’s precise requirements before establishing our working plan to deliver those goals.

Another key role is in implementing the proposed solutions providing a practical and cost-effective execution of innovative new solutions.  Assignments vary from improving the efficiency of business processes, the implementation of new systems and processes. We typically remain involved until change transitions are complete and new ways of working have become embedded inside the operations. The handover is often when ‘business as usual’ is being seen within operations.