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Great brand by Richard Gourlay leadership and strategy

What makes a great BRAND

What makes a great BRAND? Despite what marketing people passionately believe most people don’t think about brands, they just get on with their lives. The coffee they buy, the supermarket they go to and petrol station they visit happen almost by accident. In Britain today we are too busy to think through these everyday inconsequential purchases, focused on saving time, not forgetting something or rushing from place to place on a tight deadline. So do brands matter and if so why and how? Consumer Choice  Let’s start with the basics,… Read More »What makes a great BRAND

Leadership is all about VISION

Leadership IS all about Vision Successful leadership is about having a clear vision.  A vision is a is a mental picture of what you want your business to be at some point in the future. It is a realistic aspiration. That vision gives a business a clear focus and a long-term direction, and it can stop a business heading in the wrong direction. Great leadership is about planning your business using business planning tools to match their ambitions to the opportunities in their market. Without a vision, businesses often fall into short-term annual… Read More »Leadership is all about VISION

Strategic Business planning

The TOP TWELVE Business Planning Mistakes

The TOP TWELVE Business Planning Mistakes   Business planning is often talked about as a challenging process to go through.  Both to start a new business, or as the essential process of taking ownership of an existing business. Many business plans fail to achieve their objective, not because they represent a bad idea but because they fall into classic business planning pitfalls or fall over blinding obvious credibility cliffs. Here are the top 12 business planning mistakes, and more importantly how to avoid them.   The business-planning process is in itself… Read More »The TOP TWELVE Business Planning Mistakes