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Business planning is an essential role for leaders to turn their vision into reality. Providing a solid basis for decisions, a clear written plan which pulls everyone together into a coherent plan which delivers the leadership’s vision and ensures buy-in from all stakeholders.

What makes a great BRAND? Despite what marketing people passionately believe most people don’t think about brands, they just get on with their lives. The coffee they buy, the supermarket they go to and petrol station they visit happen almost by accident. In Britain today we are too busy to think through these everyday inconsequential purchases, focused on saving time, not forgetting something or rushing from place to place on a tight deadline. So do brands matter as much as they used to and if so why and how?  Brands matter where consumers can value them.  In today’s wealthy world every product or service perceives itself as a brand, even… Read More »What makes a great BRAND

What makes a great BRAND